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Nursery School Admissions 2011-2012 in Delhi Gurgaon Noida NCR

Nursery Admissions are now open for the session 2011 – 2012 for Pathways World School in Gurgaon, Noida and Aravali. Pathways World school was set up in 2003 and since then it has been known for providing an education that enables its students to fulfil their potential- be it social, intellectual, academic, sporting or cultural. In a recent study Pahways has been ranked as 10th in the Top 10 International Schools in India.

Pathways has approximately 2000 students from Pre Nursery to Grade 12, offers the flexibility of day, weekly and termly boarding options. Pathways graduates are prepared for entry to degree courses in first-class universities in India, the USA, and the UK and all over the world.

How is Pathways World School Different from other International Schools?
  • Pathways provides an extensive range of activities which enables the students to find exactly the thing they can excel at. So in this way the children recognizes their worth as an individual and gain self- esteem and self-confidence which is so much essential in today’s world.
  • Pathways recognizes that in this rapidly-changing world only a few students follow a single career path for the rest of their adult lives. To cope with these career changes they will need flexibility of mind and the intellectual curiosity to continue learning well into adulthood. Pathways makes sure the students gets exactly the same.
  • Pathways adopts a variety of teaching models in order to produce students who can think critically, synthesize and transform, experiment and create. In simple words Pathways equips their students for the 21st Century.
  • Pathways is much more than an orderly environment unlike other schools. From the day the student has entered the school, he/she is made to realize that they must take responsibility to their own actions. In this way the student learns self-discipline which is so much better than imposed-discipline.
  • While Pathways draws much of its inspiration from international models, it also embraces the Indian perspective. The school tries to give to the students not only an understanding of their own, or host country, but also a valuing of its peoples and its cultural diversity and a willingness to do something for it. Pathways makes sure that the student appreciates India's immense richness and variety of natural resources, as well as a commitment to their protection and preservation for future generations.
Admission Procedure:

To complete the application process, please follow the steps outlined below. If you have any questions about the application process, please contact the Admissions Office at +91 98186 66677 or +91 98186 66688.

1. Complete to the online Application For Admission
download in PDF format

2. Mail in the following additional materials:
Non-refundable Prospectus and Registration Fee
  • INR 6000 (resident Indians)
  • INR 7200 (NRI’s & Expats)
Signed and dated Application Signature Form
download in PDF format

download in PDF format

The Enrollment Contract is non-binding until your student has been offered acceptance and we have received the required non-refundable admission fee. This occurs at a later date. (Both parents/guardians must sign and date. Students applying to Grades 6-12 must sign and date).

Student Form (for students applying for Grades 6 – 12)
download in PDF format

Copies of past scholastic record of at least two years previous to this application

Transport Request Form (for Day Boarders opting to use school transport)
download in PDF format

Health Form
download in PDF format

6 Passport size photographs of the student with name written behind each

1 Passport size photograph of each parent with name and relationship written behind both

Copy of student’s valid passport and visa, if other than Indian

Copy of student’s birth certificate

Copy of proof of residence (in absence of passport or if it is different than the one in passport)

Copy of OCI (Overseas Citizen of India) card or POI (Person of Indian Origin) card

Mail the above to:
Pathways World School (Admissions Office)
Corporate Office: 2, Sainik Farms, C-1 Lane,
New Delhi - 110 062 India

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