Friday, January 21, 2011

IB INFO SESSIONS at Pathways Schools | Pathways International Schools

IB is the abbreviation for International Baccalaureate. Schools recognised by the International Baccalaureate Organisation and offering the IB curriculum are known as IB World Schools.

Pathways is conducting IB Info Sessions at all the 3 schools. Given below is the schedule.

  1. Pathways Aravali -IB INFO SESSION- 14th Feb
  2. Pathways Gurgaon- IB INFO SESSION- 19th Feb
  3. Pathways Noida- IB INFO SESSION- 12th Feb
  4. IB INFO SESSION- 25th Feb

These workshops will be familiarization workshops on IB- the curriculum that our schools follow. Here we will have experts from the school talking about the benefits of IB as a curriculum, breaking all the myths around IB.

To Register for Pathways Aravali IB info Session visit:

To Register for Pathways Noida IB info Session visit:

To Register for Pathways Gurgaon IB info Session visit:

Dont miss it!! For more details visit

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