Wednesday, September 29, 2010

International Schools in Gurgaon - the New penchant for NRI's and MNC employees!

Is it just academics? Or is it the International Module the school follows? What Pathways believes in is the overall development of the child. There is some research to support children's involvement in learning a foreign language, participating in athletics, and studying music-including research that points to the positive effect on children's academic achievement. Nowadays parents are more inclined towards this very development structure growing in a child's mind and hence the preferences are the International Schools.

Pathways World School has always been a model institution for the overall development of a child soaring high in academics, extra curricular activities and sports. The Horse Riding Team in the School has won 32 Medals!! The school has a Wi-Fi enabled campus that guarantees a 24/7 learning environment for the child. Pathways also flaunts six playgrounds and an Olympic-sized football field.

These days Parents are not just looking for a child's improvement solely in the field of education, they realize the necessity for a wholesome development of the child as well. International Schools in Gurgaon like Pathways World School is the answer.

Nursery Admissions are open on the Gurgaon, Noida and Aravali campuses.

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