Thursday, April 21, 2011

2nd Pathways World School, Aravali Invitational Inter School Squash Tournament 2011(Under – 15)

Pathways World School, Aravali won the 2nd Pathways World School, Aravali Invitational Inter School Squash Tournament 2011, Under-15 boys. This was held from 12th to 13th April, 2011 at Pathways World School, Aravali.

In the above mentioned tournament there were total seven teams from Delhi and NCR including two teams from outside Delhi. The teams were as follows:

  • Pathways World School –Blue
  • Pathways World School –Red
  • Mayo College, Ajmer
  • Rashtrya Indian Military College, Dehardun
  • DPS R K Puram, New Delhi
  • Ahlcon International School, New Delhi
  • Modern School, Barakhamba

Following was the results of the matches we played with different schools in under- 15 (Boys) category.

League Match PWS Vs RIMCA PWS won by 5-0

Quarter final PWS Vs Modern School PWS won by 5-0

Semifinal PWSB Vs PWSR PWS won by 3-0

Final PWS Vs Mayo School PWS won by 3-0

Winner’s (PWS) Under – 15 Team Event

Following budding players represented PWS team in Under-15 (Boys) and raised the PWS flag.

In individual competition we had 32 participants from seven different schools. Finals was played between Harsh Jain PWS,Aravali and Siddharth Singh Mayo College, Ajmer.

Runner-up (Under-15 Individual event) Winner (Under-15 Individual event)

Harsh Jain (PWS, Aravali) Siddharth Singh (Mayo College,)

Team Event Ranking

1) Pathways World School –Blue

2) Mayo College, Ajmer

3) Modern School, Barakhamba

4) Pathways World School –Red

5) Ahlcon International School, New Delhi

6) Rashtrya Indian Military College, Dehardun

7) DPS R K Puram, New Delhi

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Trip To Lake Patoda | Pathways Aravali

Grade 3 has been working on their unit under the transdisciplinary theme ‘ Sharing the Planet’ where they have been inquiring into the limited amount of potable water for human consumption.

A documentary by Ms. Tarini Manchanda made them wonder how rivers can be cleaned. That is when Mr.Sunil Bharadwaj informed us about the work of the senior Pathwazians on a project on Lake Patoda.

As history goes, there were seven lakes in this region of the Aravalis around fifty years back. Villagers used these lakes as a grazing ground for their domestic animals. Once a year they used to take turns in cleaning the lakes. Around twenty five years back this stopped. As a result the lakes started drying up. In September, 2009, some of our senior school children under the guidance of Mr. Bharadwaj and some teachers took up the task of reviving the lake by cleaning it. This initiative bore fruit and today the lake has water supply to last through the dry season and houses a lot of birds.

This inspired the students of Grade 3 to go an an adventurous trek through the Aravali to see the lake. The walk through the forest was an association with nature. The quiet forest was soon alive with the giggles and talks of the young adventurers. As they walked, they identified trees and plants, mostly of medicinal value. This reinforced their learning about the flora and fauna from the previous unit. The Lake site also had a lot to share. They worked at identifying the hoof prints of animals on the banks of the lake. Some even imagined a lion coming there for a drink. Mrs. Rao had her binoculars and a bird book to help them identify the birds they saw around. Different trees had different stories to tell.

As we walked back the children saw the seeds which were once used to weigh gold. They collected a few samples of whatever interesting they could find…. memories of the trip.

As we sat in the bus for a ride back to school I could over hear some of the children talking about how they would come back when they are in senior school to be a part of the project. That is what we call sharing finite resources with not only other people but other living things as well. And that is also called sowing the seeds of action in young minds………………

Article By: Ms Malini Ghosh

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

PYP Exhibition at Pathways Aravali

Students of Grade 5 have been working towards the PYP Exhibition for over a month now, as they prepare for the final dates of 21st and 22nd April. This year the teachers chose the theme, “Sharing the Planet” and the students selected the strand of ‘struggle to share finite resources’ for their inquiry. As the journey is so important in the PYP, we decided to document it this year through a blog. The blog documents their learning, thoughts, brainwaves, highs and lows, as they have experienced on every step of this path. Please do visit the blog and have a look! Your comments will greatly encourage the 45 students and the 10 teachers working on this well concerted and mammoth project!

By Abhimanyu Dasgupta
PYP Coordinator- Pathways Aravali

Friday, April 1, 2011

Pathways Noida Completes 100 days

Right from the first day of school, the students of Form 2 have been doing the ‘Calendar Activity’, filling in dates, days, months and the year. At the end of each month they calculate the number of days they have come to school and put up the tally. It is from this that they arrived at the 100th day of school.

They celebrated it by making crowns with their own special message on it. They stuck ten strips of paper, each with ten things on it. Through this activity the concepts of adding in 10s and multiplying with 10 got further reinforced. The children were extremely excited to share their findings with the rest of the school. What also emerged was their ability to be risk-takers (going to each classroom, from primary to senior) and confident communicators. This wouldn’t have been possible without the encouragement and motivation they received from the entire school community. All in all, they had a great day!

By: The Pathways Noida Team