Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Pathways - Best School in Delhi

In the event that we take a look at the society around us, we would without a doubt be concerned and worried at the increasing levels of fragmentation, social and religious separation, and accelerating corruption. Ethics and morality can be the dosage required to resolve this issue to a specific level. These ideas should be implanted in our modern education system as the naive young mind needs to be addressed first to solve this plague.

In order to solve this plague, Multiple Intelligence methodology, created by Dr. Howard Gardner from Harvard University and open, Pathway. Counted as the Top Schools in Delhi NCR, it was the first ever top IB school in the state of Uttar Pradesh and well-connected from Delhi, Noida and Ghaziabad. They are trying their best to offer a student-centered system with ample opportunities for project work and revelation learning, guided by a well-qualified international teaching personnel with liberal access to quality in administration preparing both in India and abroad.

The Pathways schools truly plays an imperative role in recognizing and offering opportunities for young minds. Elementary level guidance and support have traditionally been places where utmost creative knowledge and thinking have introduced than in further stages of education. Apart from fundamental knowledge, the curriculum of the best boarding schools in India includes emphasis on top level thinking, personality enhancements, and all physical and mental attributes that impact the development of hidden creative talent and expertise.

The Pathways follows the level of the international baccalaureate schools and enhance the creativity of the students that includes openness to new concept and ideas, curiosity, persistence, metaphorical thinking, and many more. Physical attributes that support the expression of creativity include high energy level, well-coordination, and good visual power. Pathways is one of the best school having the main objective of creative additional activities to bring out the best talent of the student & develop the same.

One of the most demanded Schools in Gurgaon, Pathways aims to nurture creative talent, and looking for exceptional ways to offer students, and they are able to advanced their ideas and must continue as it adds a great importance throughout people’s careers. They provide an education that allows their students to fulfill their dreams to their full potential - be it academic, social, intellectual, cultural or sporting. A large range of activities, offers in the school allows all the students to create additional quality in their career and excel in his/her life. The Pathways promotes creativity through arts, music, sports and problem solving in various parts of study giving a great opportunity to display additional talent. It is observed that various people who never make a part of such sort of creative activities tend to become introvert or shy.

No doubt Pathways School in Noida takes a brilliant step in all such aspects with the sole aim to develop and nurture a community of thinking, responsible citizens who are committed to living with great responsibility and balancing a robust work ethos with a sense of play.

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